Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review: Jackaby by William Ritter

jackaby.JPGTitle: Jackaby

Author: William Ritter

Information on series: Book 1. Book 2 September 2015

Audience: Young adult; may appeal to adults and even higher elementary aged kids.

Rating (scale of 1-5, with 5 being highest): 4.5

TL;DR: Who could resist a book that says “Doctor Who meets Sherlock” in its jacket blurb?

Longer review: I initially picked this book up because it is the June 2015 selection for my Forever Young Adult book club. Although I am not normally an audiobook listener I decided to give this one a try on a long drive. It was instantly hooked. It also helped that the narrator has a British accent. In 1892 England the main character is expected to go seek a husband. She convinces her parents to send her to college before marriage. As school is approaching Abigail steals her tuition money and takes off on a grand adventure. Her age is never stated but I would guess it’s around 18 (although I know in England you attend university at a younger age than in America). Her first adventure doesn’t go according to plan so she ends up on a ship headed to America. On her first day in America she meets R. F. Jackaby. You never do learn what R.F. stands for. Everyone just calls him Jackaby. Jackaby doesn’t have the best reputation and is a little eccentric. I instantly pictured Benedict Cumberbatch. Jackaby is a private investigator who doesn’t have the greatest relationship with the police department because of his strange methods. He is in need of an assistant and Abigail needs a job. Jackaby isn’t sure she is right for the job but he does give her a chance. Jackaby isn’t always paid with money. Some of his clients pay him with things like a house. It’s not your average house. It’s rather eccentric like Jackaby. I can’t say more without spoiling some things for you. One the first day of work Abigail finds herself in the middle of a case involving a serial killer. The police are (of course) looking for a human killer but something tells Jackaby this isn’t your ordinary serial killer. I got to disc 4 out of 6 on the trip to my destination. I wanted to keep driving and finish the audiobook. Or get the print copy and finish while on my vacation. I did manage to wait until my drive home. I was sad when it came to an end but excited because I know book 2 comes out in September. But now I’m not sure if I want to listen to the audio of that or read the print book in one sitting.  

Read alike (there may be others but I only want to list books I have actually read and can vouch that it is in fact a read alike):

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Review by: Jenny Ellis Glenwood Public Library

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