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Genre Study Review: A Study in Silks

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Title: A Study in Silks
Author: Emma Jane Holloway
Series: The Baskerville Affair
Audience: Teen / New Adult
Rating: 5
TL;DR: Evelina Cooper, Sherlock Holmes’ niece, must discover a murderer while concealing her magical talents from London’s ruthless Steam Barons.

Longer review:
Imagine yourself a young Victorian woman who has been raised in a traveling circus, taken in by an estranged grandmother when your parents died, and discovered that you have magical talents in a society that still burns witches at the stake.
Evelina Cooper has many secrets which would get her ostracized from “proper” London society, should they become known. Fortunately, she has an understanding best friend in society darling Imogen Roth, daughter of Lord Bancroft.
It becomes very hard for Evelina to keep her secrets, however, when a servant is viciously murdered at Lord Bancroft’s estate. When Evelina finds the body, she discovers that the murdered woman was carrying an envelope with traces of magic on it. Determined to protect Imogen and her family, Evelina conceals the evidence, and plots to find the murderer.
Things get much more complicated when Nick, a close friend from Evelina’s circus days comes back into her life, and Tobias Roth, Imogen’s older brother, realizes that Evelina might be more than just his little sister’s best friend.
Evalina’s investigation leads her into a world of murderous marionettes, a manipulative evil sorcerer, and the cut-throat politics of the Steam Barons of London. Even with the help and protection of the renowned Sherlock Holmes, Evelina may be out of her depth.

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Reviewed By: Teresa Dahlgren, Waterloo Public Library

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