Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Review: The Magicians by Lev Grossman

Title: The Magicians

Author: Lev Grossman

Information on series:  The Magicians: Book 1

Audience: Adult

Rating (scale of 1-5, with 5 being highest): 4

TL;DR: A character driven contemporary fantasy about  a high schooler who knows some magic tricks that suddenly finds himself admitted to a mysterious school of magic.

Longer review:
Quinten Coldwater, grew up enjoying a series of books about a magical make believe land called Fillory. Fillory is very similar C.S. Lewis’ Narnia. Quintin is thrilled when he is invited to join a University for magicians. Quintin excels in school but loses his innocence when a prank allows an evil being to enter the University. Quintin and his former classmates find out that Fillory is real and their skills are put to the test when they travel there.

I listened to the book and I really liked the reader.  I loved Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia as a child so I loved the fact that Quintin could actually visit Fillory.

The Wicked Years series by Gregory Maguire. This series is also a character driven fantasy that re-imagines a fictional world.

The Kingkiller Chronicle series by Patrick Rothfuss. Although Rothfuss’ books take place in a different time, late medieval Europe, the main characters go to wizarding/magician school and along the way lose their innocence when they discover evil.

Running with the Demon by Terry Brooks. Both books deal with magic but they also both deal with the age-old theme, good vs evil.

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